Jamie Siminoff

Jamie Siminoff is an American entrepreneur and inventor. He is the founder and Chief Inventor of Ring Inc., a home security company known for its innovative video doorbells. Additionally, he made a memorable appearance on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank.

Siminoff was born in New Jersey in 1976. He pursued his higher education at Babson College in Massachusetts, where he earned a degree in Entrepreneurship.

Upon completing his education, Jamie ventured into various entrepreneurial pursuits. One notable venture before Ring was Unsubscribe.com, a service that helped users manage and opt-out of unwanted email subscriptions. However, it was in 2012, from his garage, that the idea for Doorbot, the precursor to Ring, was conceived. This invention was driven by Jamie’s personal need; he couldn’t hear the doorbell from his garage and wanted a doorbell that could send video feed directly to his phone.

Ring, which Doorbot was rebranded as in 2014, rapidly grew in popularity, leading it to be acquired by Amazon in February 2018 for around $1 billion.

Aside from his business ventures, Jamie’s appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank made him a household name. Although he didn’t secure a deal on the show, the exposure significantly boosted Ring’s sales.

Some key points from Jamie Siminoff’s life and career include:

  • Founder and Chief Inventor of Ring Inc.
  • Appeared on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank.
  • Successfully sold his company to Amazon for an estimated $1 billion.
  • A graduate of Babson College with a degree in Entrepreneurship.

Jamie Siminoff’s entrepreneurial voyage began with a simple idea and a garage. Today, his name is synonymous with innovation, proof that visionaries can reshape industries.