Shark Tank – Season 9

Season 9 of the riveting reality TV show, “Shark Tank,” stood out as a beacon of entrepreneurial brilliance and audacity. The mainstay sharks included the astute Kevin O’Leary, branding maestro Daymond John, tech titan Mark Cuban, real estate doyenne Barbara Corcoran, the so-called “Queen of QVC” Lori Greiner, and the cybersecurity heavyweight Robert Herjavec.

What made this season particularly exhilarating was the addition of guest sharks, each bringing a distinctive flair and entrepreneurial spirit. The founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, joined the ranks, as did the adventurous billionaire Richard Branson. TV personality and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel, brand strategist Rohan Oza, and former baseball star turned businessman Alex Rodriguez also took their turns evaluating pitches from eager entrepreneurs.

This season was rife with standout retail products. Among them was the eco-conscious EcoBrush, a biodegradable toothbrush designed for the environmentally savvy user. The FlexPlate turned heads as a revolutionary dinner plate with individually temperature-controlled sections. Fitness buffs were drawn to the QuickFit Band, boasting adjustable resistance in a compact design. The food tech product, TasteBud, promised to amplify flavors in dishes without extra ingredients. Rounding off the list was the innovative HydraCup, enabling users to mix multiple drinks at once.

In summary, Season 9 of “Shark Tank” emerged as more than just a show about valuations and investments. With a rich tapestry of established and guest sharks, the season celebrated the spirit of innovation, presenting retail products that had the potential to redefine their respective industries.

Season 9 Episodes (2017-2018)

# Overall# in SeasonName of EpisodeOriginal Air DateProduction CodeU.S. Viewers
1761Locker Board, WYP Aviation, Sierra Madre Research, Simple HabitOctober 1, 20179035,120,000
1772The Seventy2, Jackson’s Honest, Qball, TrippieOctober 1, 20179045,120,000
1783Third Wave Water, Fidgetland, Tangle Pets, Enso RingsOctober 8, 20179064,730,000
1794Benjilock, Ice Shaker, Solemender, Delighted by HummusOctober 15, 20179014,640,000
1805Kwikhang, mirmir, Ash & Erie, Human BobberOctober 22, 20178254,290,000
1816Brazyn Life, Novel Effect, Drain Wig, Father FigureOctober 29, 20179023,510,000
1827Pearachute, Qeepsake, GeoOrbital, WaiveCarOctober 29, 20178213,180,000
1838No Mo-stache, Snarky Teas, SnoofyBee, DreampadNovember 5, 20179054,030,000
1849Glovestix, BrilliantPad, BRAVO, HoopmapsNovember 5, 20179143,320,000
18510Robin Auto Pilot, Smartgurlz, DNAsimple, GrypmatNovember 12, 20179124,240,000
18611Reely Hooked, Prontobev, Slumberkins, Cut BuddyNovember 12, 20179073,630,000
18712Mush, Hater, EverlywellNovember 26, 20179094,070,000
18813Rokblok, The Original Comfy, The Christmas Tree Hugger, Modern Christmas TreeDecember 3, 20179103,700,000
18914FRYWALL, Birddogs, Inirv, Elliptical StrollerJanuary 7, 20189154,680,000
19015recharj, stasher, iForkJanuary 7, 20189163,860,000
19116G.O.A.T., The Longhairs, Joe’s Gourmet Fish FryJanuary 14, 20189085,400,000
19217ZUP, BOOBIE BAR, Pandaloon, Alice’s TableJanuary 14, 20189114,650,000
19318Rounderbum, Brush Hero, Savy, Guzzle BuddyJanuary 21, 20189173,940,000
19419Bouquet Bar, Zuvaa, The Wingman, The PopJanuary 21, 20189133,760,000
19520ChangEd, SnapClips, ShowerPill, The Dough BarJanuary 28, 20189184,520,000
19621Petrol, Everytable, Sap!January 28, 20189193,900,000
19722GUNNAR Optiks, Avocaderia, SolSource, SunnivaFebruary 11, 20189202,870,000
19823Eggmazing Egg Decorator, Hugo’s Amazing Tape, Coolpeds, CoinoutFebruary 18, 20189213,120,000
19924Bermies, Lace Your Face, Palmini, Thrive+February 25, 20189223,150,000