Shark Tank – Season 7

Season 7 of “Shark Tank” proved to be yet another riveting journey into the world of entrepreneurship, with familiar sharks at the helm and a fresh array of business ideas ready to be examined. Once again, we had the expertise of sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Greiner. This season was further enriched by a mix of guest sharks, with notable figures like Chris Sacca and Ashton Kutcher joining the panel, bringing with them unique insights and a fresh perspective on the pitches.

Amidst a sea of services and business proposals, certain retail products shone particularly brightly. Among these gems was the Beebo, a hands-free bottle holder designed to make feeding time easier for parents. The product, both practical and innovative, caught the attention of many. In the realm of personal care, the GloveStix emerged as a standout, offering a solution to the age-old problem of smelly sports gloves with its odor management system.

The Fizzics system too made waves, promising to turn any canned or bottled beer into draft-quality suds using its unique micro-foam technology. The culinary world wasn’t left behind, as the Safe Grabs took center stage, a silicone mat designed to safely grab hot dishes out of the microwave. And adding a delightful twist to the world of fashion accessories was the Lace Your Face, a rejuvenating facial mask that literally laces onto one’s face, ensuring effective treatment delivery.

The rich tapestry of pitches, combined with the discerning eyes and ears of the sharks, provided an electric atmosphere throughout the season. Beyond the financial transactions and equity stakes, Season 7 epitomized the spirit of entrepreneurship, with dreams, perseverance, and ingenuity on full display. As the curtains closed on this season, viewers were left not just entertained, but also profoundly inspired by the relentless drive of the featured entrepreneurs.

Season 7 Episodes (2015-2016)

# Overall# in SeasonName of EpisodeOriginal Air DateProduction CodeU.S. Viewers
1231Season 7 Premiere: Guest Shark Ashton Kutcher, The Beebo, ACTON, McClary Bros., SignalVaultSeptember 25, 20157016,080,000
1242Week 2: O’Dang Hummus, Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions, LOLIWARE, SplikityOctober 2, 20157026,820,000
1253Week 3: Guest Shark Troy Carter, Foot Cardigan, Two Guys Bow Ties, ValPark, NerdwaxOctober 9, 20157035,840,000
1264Week 4: Table 87, EZPeeZ, milk and brookies, DUDE ProductsOctober 16, 20157065,850,000
1275Week 5: Switch Witch, Three Jerks Jerky, The Skinny Mirror, xCraftOctober 23, 20157056,360,000
1286Week 6: Rent Like a Champion, HotShot, Windcatcher, Stem Center USAOctober 30, 20157046,160,000
1297Week 7: Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo, Wink Frozen Desserts, Saavy Naturals, Clean Cube, Simply Fit BoardNovember 6, 20157086,710,000
1308Week 8: AfreSHeet, Unshrinkit, Grip Clean, PolarPro, and Sharks at the White HouseNovember 13, 20157096,140,000
1319Week 9: National Association of Bubble Soccer, Umano, Brazi Bites, SockTABSNovember 20, 20157116,900,000
13210Week 10: Leaux Racing Trikes, Glow Recipe, Sarah Oliver Handbags, TrunksterDecember 4, 20157146,160,000
13311Week 11: GeekMyTree, Beard Head, Lovepop, PiperWaiDecember 11, 20157126,000,000
13412Week 12: Extreme Sandbox, ABS Pancakes, Total Tie Keep, FireAvertJanuary 5, 20167134,320,000
13513Week 13: Spretz, ezpz, Hungry Harvest, Controlled ChaosJanuary 8, 20167155,760,000
13614Week 14: Hatch Baby, Village Scholarships, Fixed, Beard KingJanuary 15, 20167075,640,000
13715Week 15: Shefit, CO.ALITION, IcyBreeze, 2400 ExpertJanuary 29, 20167166,810,000
13816Week 16: R. Riveter, BearTek, Major Mom, Combat Flip FlopsFebruary 5, 20167196,140,000
13917Week 17: SmartPlate, Bee Free Honee, Float Baby, MTailorFebruary 12, 20167216,730,000
14018Week 18: Sworkit, Clean Sleep, TUTUblue, NohboFebruary 19, 20167176,200,000
14119Week 19: Insta-Fire, Custard Stand, PRxPerformance, Rags to RachesFebruary 21, 20167184,020,000
14220Week 20: BetterBack, Glacé Cryotherapy, Linka, TeaspressaFebruary 26, 20167205,450,000
14321Week 21: MobCraft, Beloved Shirts, IllumiBowl, Innovation PetMarch 11, 20167275,740,000
14422Week 22: Beer Blizzard, Vengo Labs, The Good Promise, WondercideMarch 18, 20167256,130,000
14523Week 23: PrideBites, TROBO, NoPhone, CoolboxApril 8, 20167285,420,000
14624Week 24: Petnostics, Frends, popSLATE, Slyde HandboardsApril 15, 20167105,630,000
14725Week 25: Drip Drop, Jarrett & Raja, KidRunner, InchBugApril 22, 20167235,400,000
14826Week 26: FashionTap, brellaBox, My Fruity Faces, BrightwheelApril 29, 20167245,760,000
14927Week 27: Dollop Gourmet, CreaProducts, Yourself Expression, The SpoonerMay 6, 20167295,420,000
15028Week 28: Camp No Counselors, Extreme Vehicle Protection, Gladiator Lacrosse, VPCABSMay 13, 20167225,300,000
15129Season Finale: Pete & Pedro, PMS Bites, Felt, PavLokMay 20, 20167265,470,000