Shark Tank – Season 4

The entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly in the fourth season of “Shark Tank.” This compelling season boasted a plethora of pitches, with a special focus on innovative retail products. The tank was filled with business acumen and years of experience as Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec took their seats, ready to strike a deal or send entrepreneurs back to the drawing board.

Season 4 was distinct, primarily due to the absence of guest sharks. This allowed the dynamics between the main sharks to come to the forefront, each showcasing their unique approach to investments and deal-making.

The retail product segment was particularly enriched this season. A standout was the Freaker USA Koozies, a unique one-size-fits-all beverage insulator that became a trendy accessory. Adding a touch of comfort to innovation, the HoodiePillow took center stage. This cozy pillowcase integrated with a hoodie gave both comfort and privacy, especially during travel.

Nutrition met innovation with Nuts ‘N More, a fortified peanut butter spread packed with proteins and fibers, an absolute delight for fitness enthusiasts. Not forgetting the Scrub Daddy, the texture-changing cleaning tool, and the Drop Stop, the ingenious seat gap filler which continued to be favorites among both sharks and the audience.

In wrapping up the season, it was evident that the fourth installment of “Shark Tank” was not just about making deals. It was an ode to the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and the sheer determination of those who dare to dream big.

Season 4 Episodes (2012-2013)

# Overall# in SeasonName of EpisodeOriginal Air DateProduction CodeU.S. Viewers
391Coat ChexSeptember 14, 20124016,400,000
402SurfSet FitnessSeptember 21, 20124025,970,000
413Liz LovelySeptember 28, 20124036,050,000
424Back 9 DipsOctober 5, 20124046,150,000
435Cozy BugsOctober 12, 20124056,480,000
446Cousins Main LobsterOctober 19, 20124067,080,000
457The ShemieOctober 26, 20124076,840,000
468Cool WazooNovember 2, 20124087,440,000
479Drive SuitsNovember 9, 20124096,690,000
4810Nearly NewlywedNovember 16, 20124106,820,000
4911The CoopDecember 4, 20124116,890,000
5012The Gameface CompanyJanuary 4, 20134126,420,000
5113Coffee JouliesJanuary 11, 20134136,870,000
5214BibbitecFebruary 1, 20134146,730,000
5315The Green GarmentoFebruary 8, 20134156,130,000
5416Gotta Have S’MoreFebruary 15, 20134166,510,000
5517Addison’s WonderlandFebruary 22, 20134176,510,000
5618Nuts ‘N MoreMarch 1, 20134186,690,000
5719Baby Loves DiscoMarch 8, 20134196,890,000
5820Drop StopMarch 29, 20134206,190,000
5921LiddupApril 5, 20134217,040,000
6022Shell BobbersApril 26, 20134236,610,000
6123Misto BoxMay 3, 20134245,720,000
6224Baby’s Badass BurgersMay 10, 20134256,250,000
6325Three-Day RuleMay 17, 20134225,110,000
6426Jones SconesMay 17, 20134266,680,000