Shark Tank – Season 2

The second season of “Shark Tank” saw an exhilarating blend of business magnates on its panel, each adding their unique spin to the show’s dynamic. Regular sharks like real estate tycoon Barbara Corcoran, tech-savvy Robert Herjavec, branding maestro Daymond John, and direct marketing pioneer Kevin Harrington were complemented by the unmistakable candor of Kevin O’Leary. The season became even more lively with guest appearances by billionaire Mark Cuban and the comedic entrepreneur, Jeff Foxworthy, both bringing fresh energy and perspectives.

Products that made waves this season were as diverse as they were intriguing. The Tippi Toestransformed dance instruction for youngsters, while Toygaroo introduced parents to the groundbreaking concept of a toy rental service. Then there was the Wake n’ Bacon, an alarm clock that woke its users with the tantalizing aroma of cooking bacon.

Another innovative product was the Lightfilm, a simple peel-and-stick light for car decals, ensuring one’s ride stands out even in the dark. Not to be outdone, the Original Man Candlebrought forward scented candles with a masculine twist, adding a touch of rugged elegance to any room.

Interactions between the sharks and entrepreneurs often took center stage. From Kevin O’Leary’s sharp critiques to Robert Herjavec’s more measured feedback, there was no shortage of memorable moments. And as Kevin Harrington took his final bow, fans knew they were witnessing the end of an era, even while anticipating the exciting changes on the horizon.

In sum, season two of “Shark Tank” was a celebration of American entrepreneurship, where innovative ideas met business expertise in a spectacular display of dreams, challenges, and resilience.

Season 2 Episodes (2011)

# Overall# in SeasonName of EpisodeOriginal Air DateProduction CodeU.S. Viewers
151Wurkin StiffsMarch 20, 20112056,130,000
162ToygarooMarch 25, 20112024,650,000
173Mod Mom FurnitureApril 1, 20112064,870,000
184Ride-On Carry-OnApril 8, 20112034,670,000
195Fridge FrontsApril 15, 20111155,280,000
206Hot Mama GownsApril 22, 20112074,830,000
217Carsik BibApril 29, 20112014,580,000
228Orig AudioMay 6, 20112044,450,000
239CitiKittyMay 13, 20112084,990,000