Shark Tank – Season 15

Following the whirlwind of season 14, “Shark Tank” dives into its 15th season, promising a new array of entrepreneurial innovations and potential business partnerships. Premiering on September 29, 2023, the season has already set a pace that could rival its predecessors.

Returning sharks, Emma Grede and Daniel Lubetzky, re-enter the tank, reinforcing their position as influential investors. Additionally, season 15 introduces a new set of guest sharks, each with their unique business backgrounds and perspectives.

Michael Rubin, the dynamic CEO of Fanatics, brings a vast knowledge of e-commerce and sports merchandising. His expertise will surely add depth to the discussions and negotiations, especially when products related to e-commerce and sports merchandising are pitched.

Candace Nelson, the founder of the iconic Sprinkles Cupcakes, ventures into the tank with her expertise in gourmet treats and bakery business. Given her successful journey with Sprinkles, entrepreneurs in the food and confectionery space will undoubtedly look forward to pitching to her.

Interestingly, Jason Blum, renowned film producer known for producing horror hits like “Paranormal Activity” and “The Purge“, ventures into the tank. It will be intriguing to see what piques the interest of someone who’s had massive success outside of the traditional entrepreneurial world.

The opening episode, aired on September 29th, saw a viewership of 3.47 million. The sharks in the fray included Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and guest shark Candace Nelson. The subsequent episodes, although with a TBD viewership as of now, promises a diverse group of sharks, with Daniel Lubetzky and Michael Rubin gracing the tank in the next episodes.

As the season progresses, fans and entrepreneurs alike will be keenly watching, speculating which start-up will secure a lucrative deal and which shark will make the most significant splash. The only uncertainty? The guest sharks for episodes 4 and 5. As the anticipation builds, one thing remains clear: Shark Tank’s tradition of celebrating innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is still going strong in its 15th season.

Season 15 Episodes

# Overall# in SeasonName of EpisodeOriginal Air DateProduction CodeU.S. Viewers
3181Gatsby Chocolate, Pie Wine, Worthy Brands, Gently SoapSeptember 29, 202315013,470,000
3192StormBag, Return Home, Matador Meggings, TOAST-ITOctober 6, 202315033,600,000
3203Bot-It, Wellingtons, Glove Wrap, Dating By BlaineOctober 13, 202315023,330,000
3214PaddleSmash, FairyTail Pet Care, MONOSUIT, Buena PapaOctober 20, 202315052,930,000
3225Thrill Builders, I Love Chamoy, Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, American Ghost WalksOctober 27, 202315062,940,000
3236Krapp Strapp, Mini Materials, TIK PIK, Supermix StudioNovember 3, 202315073,470,000
3247Bunny Eyez, The Fidget Game, REKKIE, Yum CrumbsNovember 17, 202315043,360,000
3258Snow in Seconds, Pick-Up Bricks, Black Paper Party, The Tomte CakeDecember 8, 202315103,280,000
3269Rebel Cheese, The Pocket Panty, FlyWithWine, CAKES bodyDecember 15, 202315093,270,000
32710Fishwife, Dingle Dangle, VibeRide, Heather’s ChoiceJanuary 12, 202415113,620,000
32811Poplight, The Duo, The Table Tyke, Like AirJanuary 19, 202415143,880,000
32912Meat The Mushroom, BarBees, Jay’s Pet Butter, Mama Sing My SongJanuary 26, 202415083,830,000
33013Genius Litter, Modern Picnic, AU Baby, TORCHFebruary 2, 202415133,450,000
33114How to be a Redhead, The Peep Show, Flora, SplashZenFebruary 16, 202415123,200,000
33215PSYONIC, Dogue, Cup-a-Bug, ColdestFebruary 23, 202415163,520,000
33316Funky Mello, Mella Pet Care, Da Vinci Eye, Fila ManilaMarch 1, 202415173,130,000
33417Chefee, Boona, Let Them Eat Candles, Lady AlphaMarch 8, 202415153,130,000
33518The Murder Mystery Company, Overplay, Nourish + Bloom Market, Nowhere BakeryMarch 15, 202415183,020,000
33619Richualist, Hibear, Veba, Splash Place Swim GogglesApril 5, 202415193,010,000
33720VSEAT, Wedy, SORx, blingerApril 12, 202415202,960,000
33821RoboBurger, HOOD, The Hype Company, K3 Shooting BandApril 19, 202415213,020,000
33922MOSH, Sip Herbals, Arber, FlausMay 3, 202415222,740,000