Shark Tank – Season 14

The 14th season of Shark Tank was an absolute whirlwind. Premiering on September 23, 2022, and concluding on May 19, 2023, this season drew viewers into the tank with a total of 242 pitches. The dynamic was heightened not just by the exciting products presented but also by the energetic collaboration between the main sharks and the season’s guest sharks. The stakes were high, with a total investment of over $130 million changing hands.

The main sharks this season included the tech billionaire Mark Cuban, cybersecurity magnate Robert Herjavec, real estate guru Barbara Corcoran, the queen of QVC Lori Greiner, the branding master Daymond John, and the sharp-tongued financier Kevin O’Leary.

Yet, the fervor did not stop there. Season 14 also welcomed a slew of notable guest sharks, each bringing their own flavor to the tank. Fashion entrepreneur Emma Grede, lifestyle icon Gwyneth Paltrow, British business magnate Peter Jones, KIND Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky, and jewelry designer Kendra Scott, all dove into the tank at various points throughout the season, bringing their industry expertise and investment appetite to the table.

Among the deluge of pitches, five products particularly caught the attention of both the sharks and the audience. The Tuck Belt, touted as a revolutionary fashion accessory, promises to smoothen the stomach and waistline. This product impressed both Emma Grede and Kendra Scott enough that they decided to co-invest, putting down a whopping $200,000.

Then there’s the Tones of Melanin Collegiate Wear, a unique line of clothing that isn’t just fashionable but also sends a powerful message, celebrating skin tones of all shades. This idea caught the eye of Peter Jones, who readily invested $200,000.

Awakening to the sound of an alarm can be jarring. This problem has seemingly been solved by Nod: A Smart Alarm Clock, which promises a more natural wake-up experience. Daniel Lubetzky was quick to recognize its potential and invested a substantial $500,000.

Pet owners were elated to see the Pet Plate, a subscription service offering fresh, human-grade food for pets. Who could resist such a delightful pitch? Certainly not Gwyneth Paltrow, who, seeing the potential for both pets and their doting owners, invested $200,000.

Last but not least, the Sip & Glisten emerged as a wine lover’s dream. This self-cleaning wine glass doesn’t just eliminate the chore of cleaning but also keeps wine fresh for up to ten days. Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, perhaps envisioning many a relaxed evening, teamed up to invest $300,000 in the product.

Season 14 of Shark Tank has been emblematic of what the show represents: innovation, dreams, and the relentless pursuit of success. From ingenious products to the clash and collaboration of business magnates, the season had it all. As the curtains closed on this chapter, fans were left eagerly awaiting what the next season would bring. Given the trends, the future of entrepreneurial spirit seems brighter than ever.

Season 14 Episodes (2022-2023)

# Overall# in SeasonName of EpisodeOriginal Air DateProduction CodeU.S. Viewers
2961Shark Tank LIVE!September 23, 202214013,790,000
2972The Woobles, Banana Phone, Turbo Trusser, Stealth Bros & CoSeptember 30, 202214023,180,000
2983Halloween Moments, Stakt, Mama O’s, Create A CastleOctober 7, 202214033,440,000
2994Storage Scholars, GHIA, Expedition Subsahara, WooshOctober 14, 202214043,440,000
3005Plufl, Bridal Babes, Big Bee Little Bee, Pretty RuggedOctober 21, 202214053,340,000
3016Collars & Co., SquareKeg, Nana Hats, WONDRYNovember 11, 202214083,610,000
3027Boarderie, Ride FRSH, ActionGlow, Legacy ShaveNovember 18, 202214073,910,000
3038HummViewer, Sliimeyhoney, FireFighter1, ShredSkinzDecember 2, 202214063,460,000
3049ReadyFestive, ZipString, ChessUp, Garage CelebrationsDecember 9, 202214093,650,000
30510Long Table, VoChill, JicaFoods, KudosJanuary 6, 202314104,010,000
30611Kinfield, Metric Mate, wildwonder, CabinetJanuary 13, 202314114,040,000
30712Nopalera, Nutr, Brass Roots, Frescos NaturalesJanuary 20, 202314123,980,000
30813FryAway, Anytongs, Copy Keyboard, Slick BarrierJanuary 27, 202314134,220,000
30914FunkkOFF!, Retold Recycling, The Chub Rub Patch, Kahawa 1893February 17, 202314143,910,000
31015Eat Your Flowers, Surf Band Pro, Youthforia, Big Mouth ToothbrushMarch 3, 202314163,740,000
31116Pluie, FLATED, Woof, SweetkiwiMarch 10, 202314193,590,000
31217Crispy Cones, Chubby Buttons, Autio, Tngnt Ski BikesMarch 17, 202314213,510,000
31318LavaBox, Bleni Blends, Happi Floss, The Ice Cream CanteenMarch 31, 202314153,290,000
31419Parting Stone, Cincha, Burlap & Barrel, MilkifyApril 7, 202314203,760,000
31520Honey Bunchies, Dapper Boi, Play Maysie, Tia Lupita FoodsApril 14, 202314173,240,000
31621Nature’s Wild Berry, See The Way I See, Noshi, You Go NaturalMay 5, 202314183,210,000
31722Influencers in the Wild, Tones of Melanin, Tucky, EyeWrisMay 19, 202314223,350,000