Shark Tank – Season 13

“Shark Tank”, the renowned reality show that offers budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their breakthrough business concepts to a panel of heavy-hitting investors, made a splash with its 13th season. From innovative retail products to the dynamic interplay between the sharks, this season undoubtedly delivered its fair share of entertainment and intrigue.

The main sharks for the season comprised of some of the show’s stalwarts. There was billionaire entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. Joining him was the charismatic and savvy FUBU founder, Daymond John. Real estate magnate Barbara Corcoran continued to offer her sharp insights and experience. The “Queen of QVC”, Lori Greiner, and the cyber security mogul, Robert Herjavec, were also in the mix. Rounding off this formidable group was venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary, affectionately known to fans as “Mr. Wonderful”.

In addition to the regulars, Season 13 showcased a lineup of guest sharks that brought their own unique brand of expertise and energy to the show. Comedy giant Kevin Hart made waves, while British entrepreneur Peter Jones brought a touch of international flair. The season also welcomed KIND Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky and Nextdoor co-founder Nirav Tolia. Fashion entrepreneur Emma Grede completed the impressive lineup of guest sharks.

Now, speaking of innovation, Season 13 showcased a wide array of promising retail products. One of the standouts was Air Up, a breath freshener leveraging essential oils to keep one’s breath crisp and pleasant. This product caught the attention of Emma Grede, leading to a promising investment deal. Another delightful innovation was BarkBox, a monthly subscription service promising a joyous medley of dog toys and treats. Comedian Kevin Hart, no stranger to the joy of dogs, sealed an investment deal for this venture.

Further captivating the sharks was ButterBuds, a plant-based butter alternative harnessing the power of coconut and sunflower oil. Barbara Corcoran saw potential in this eco-friendly culinary delight and made an investment. Yet another ingenious retail offering was Drinks by Design. This venture serves up custom cocktails, tailoring them to individual preferences and delivering them right to one’s doorstep. Mark Cuban, always one with an eye for potential, recognized the unique value proposition of Drinks by Design and invested in the business.

Wrapping up the season, it’s evident that Season 13 of Shark Tank was not just about business; it was a celebration of innovation, perseverance, and the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship. The range of retail products pitched, coupled with the insight and expertise offered by the sharks, made for an engaging viewing experience. It was a blend of hard-hitting business negotiations, interspersed with moments of levity, such as Kevin Hart’s candid reactions or Emma Grede’s seasoned advice to budding entrepreneurs. As the curtains came down on the season, viewers were left with not just entertainment, but also inspiration and a renewed faith in the power of dreams and determination.

Season 13 Episodes (2021-2022)

# Overall# in SeasonName of EpisodeOriginal Air DateProduction CodeU.S. Viewers
2721Kin Apparel, Uprising Food, Lion Latch, PashkoOctober 8, 202113013,720,000
2732Songlorious, MuteMe, Proper Good, Long Wharf Supply Co.October 15, 202113023,580,000
2743Sparketh, Oat Haus, Flasky Flowers, Incredible EatsOctober 22, 202113043,550,000
2754TheMagic5, Tabby, SoaPen, 54 ThronesOctober 29, 202113033,800,000
2765Wedfuly, Wad-Free, Beulr, SpergoNovember 5, 202113063,950,000
2776Fish Fixe, Hello Prenup, DEUX, HidrentNovember 12, 202113073,580,000
2787Sheets Laundry Club, Pink Picasso, Love & Pebble, Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee FarmNovember 19, 202113104,340,000
2798Wendy’s Gnome Shop, Ornament Anchor, The Real Elf, Santa’s Enchanted MailboxDecember 10, 202113083,570,000
2809MAXPRO, Banana Loca, Liberate, TenikleDecember 17, 202113113,670,000
28110Snactiv, The SMART Tire Company, Candi, Black Sands EntertainmentJanuary 7, 202213124,590,000
28211VaBroom, Must Love, RomperJack, Roq InnovationJanuary 14, 202213093,850,000
28312Tania Speaks Organic Skincare, TA3 Swim, HiccAway, Tristen IkaikaJanuary 21, 202213054,200,000
28413Kettle Gryp, Calm Strips, The Blowzee, OverEZ Chicken CoopsJanuary 28, 202213143,900,000
28514Range Beauty, Diaper Dust, Pinole Blue, JunobieFebruary 25, 202213153,450,000
28615Curie, Noggin Boss, Behave Bras, Ade + AyoMarch 11, 202213173,550,000
28716Sunflow, Prepdeck, ootBox, Do AmoreMarch 18, 202213203,430,000
28817Young King Hair Care, Pawnix, MAGICDATES, round21March 25, 202213163,430,000
28918Umaro Foods, FORT, No Limbits, Apolla PerformanceApril 1, 202213183,500,000
29019LUCIDArt, SwiftPaws, BusyBox, Dirty CookieApril 8, 202213213,760,000
29120Cat Amazing, Lil Advents, HairFin, BrowndagesApril 15, 202213193,740,000
29221Cupbop, Plunge, Handy Pan, Hampton AdamsMay 2, 202213223,560,000
29322Pulp Pantry, Kawaii Lighting, Pricklee, OoakshellMay 6, 202213233,620,000
29423Stryx, Driftline, Springer, Chill-N-ReelMay 13, 202213243,340,000
29524The Transformation Factory, The Players Trunk, Aqua Boxing Glove, Project PolloMay 20, 202213133,590,000