Shark Tank – Season 10

The 10th season of the hit entrepreneurial TV show, Shark Tank, has seen a wave of innovation and a plethora of entrepreneurs eager to impress. Anchored by seasoned sharks Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. This season also welcomed guest sharks like Sara Blakely, Bethenny Frankel, Rohan Oza, Alex Rodrigues, Charles Barkley, Matt Higgins, Jamie Siminoff, and Alli Webb.

One standout feature of this season was the range of innovative retail products that entrepreneurs presented. Among the most notable was the Cup Board Pro, a unique cutting board with a detachable bowl for easy waste disposal, inspired by the legacy of a New York firefighter. Similarly, the eco-friendly FinalStraw, a collapsible, reusable straw, attracted much attention due to its sustainable approach to combating plastic waste. The health-conscious Keto Bites, low-carb, gluten-free snacks tailored for the keto diet, caught the eyes of many, including the fitness enthusiast sharks.

Furthermore, budding fashion entrepreneurs showcased the Butter Cloth, shirts made of a special, ultra-soft fabric, combining comfort with the latest fashion trends, which immediately resonated with Daymond John’s background in fashion. Lastly, the LockStraps, a combination of a strap and lock, ensuring the safety of one’s belongings, was a major highlight, with Robert Herjavec showing keen interest given his security background.

Guest sharks brought a fresh perspective to the tank. For instance, Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, provided invaluable insights into the fashion industry, while former NBA star Charles Barkley shed light on the interplay between sports and business. Alex Rodrigues, with his experience in both sports and business, was a formidable presence, while Rohan Oza, with his branding expertise, proved instrumental in guiding many entrepreneurs to reshape their brand narratives.

In conclusion, the 10th season of Shark Tank not only maintained its reputation for showcasing innovative products but also refreshed its format with a series of new, experienced guest sharks. With the combined experience of all the sharks and the drive of the entrepreneurs, this season was a thrilling watch, ensuring that fans are eagerly waiting for the next one.

Season 10 Episodes (2018-2019)

# Overall# in SeasonName of EpisodeOriginal Air DateProduction CodeU.S. Viewers
2001BoxLock, Le-Glue, FinalStraw, Bear MinimumOctober 7, 201810012,960,000
2012Shed Defender, LugBug, Ta-Ta Towel, sanaΓ­aOctober 14, 201810033,640,000
2023Soupergirl, Bundil, Beyond Sushi, Cup Board ProOctober 21, 201810023,900,000
2034Manscaped, BoomBoom, Cave Shake, Butter ClothOctober 28, 201810043,260,000
2045The Handbag Raincoat, RewardStock, The WISP, The Kombucha ShopNovember 18, 201810063,510,000
2056Vade Nutrition, Lockstraps, Bottlekeeper, NuiNovember 25, 201810073,480,000
2067Hire Santa, Ski-Z, Prank-O, OatMealsDecember 2, 201810123,440,000
2078Pop It Pal, Yumble, BollyX, Mother BeverageDecember 9, 201810053,400,000
2089Moki Doorstep, Sproing Fitness, BRUW, TushBabyJanuary 6, 201910083,700,000
20910Adventure Hunt, Uniform, Pristine, AquapawJanuary 13, 20199234,310,000
21011Makeup Junkie Bags, Angel Shave Club, Kitty Kasas, Sonnet JamesJanuary 20, 201910102,820,000
21112ZuGoPet, Obvious Wines, Twist It Up Comb, Monti KidsJanuary 27, 201910114,450,000
21213Life Lift Systems, Fresh Bellies, SubSafe, ZorpadsJanuary 27, 201910093,790,000
21314Zookies Cookies, CurlMix, GOGA Goat Yoga, Shower TogaMarch 3, 201910164,130,000
21415Jolly Roger Telephone Co., Toybox Labs, Goalsetter, MoinkMarch 10, 201910153,750,000
21516Urban Float, Wild Earth, Kudo Banz, Pooch SelfieMarch 17, 201910133,770,000
21617Press Waffle Co., SilkRoll, Pick-Up Pools, Dare-U-GoMarch 24, 201910143,800,000
21718Nuchas, HavenLock, Kanga, CertifiKIDApril 7, 201910183,700,000
21819Pricetitution, Hydroviv, Flip-It! Cap, Luma SodaApril 14, 201910173,800,000
21920Mavens Creamery, Spare, Swoveralls, SomnifixApril 21, 201910193,820,000
22021Basepaws, Best Pocket Square Holder, Kymera Body Boards, The Bang ShackApril 28, 201910204,060,000
22122Cubicall, Doughp, Saucemoto, DeskviewMay 5, 201910213,620,000
22223Bermies, Lace Your Face, Palmini, Thrive+May 12, 201910223,870,000