Shark Tank – Season 1

In 2009, “Shark Tank” emerged, captivating audiences with a fresh spin on reality competition. Entrepreneurs, inventors, and small business owners took the stage, aiming to captivate and convince a panel of seasoned investors, each with their own unique industry background.

The dynamic investor panel, or “sharks”, comprised of real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, technology titan Robert Herjavec, fashion industry leader Daymond John, financial maestro Kevin O’Leary, and the infomercial industry pioneer, Kevin Harrington.

As the season unfolded, a wide array of products and services were presented. Notable pitches that caught the audience’s attention and made a mark were Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory, a company specializing in delectable pies; Ava the Elephant, a friendly children’s medicine dispenser; Lifebelt, an innovative safety device for cars; Voyage Air Guitar, a foldable guitar for traveling musicians; and Pork Barrel BBQ, a unique barbeque sauce and rub business.

The entrepreneurs underwent a crucible of rigorous questions, critiques, and tough negotiations. Some walked away with a potentially life-changing deal, while others faced the sting of rejection. Amidst the tension of negotiations, personal stories emerged, revealing the hardships, passions, and triumphs that come with chasing an entrepreneurial dream.

A point of intrigue was that even though many deals were struck in the tank, not all came to fruition off-screen. Due diligence sometimes led to modified deals or even deal withdrawals. Yet, season 1 of “Shark Tank” undeniably offered viewers an enlightening dive into the world of entrepreneurship and venture capitalism, setting the stage for its subsequent success.

Season 1 Episodes (2009-2010)

# Overall# in SeasonName of EpisodeOriginal Air DateProduction CodeU.S. Viewers
11PilotAugust 9, 20091014,150,000
22Classroom JamesAugust 16, 20091025,590,000
33TurbobasterAugust 23, 20091035,450,000
44Gift Card RescueAugust 30, 20091044,890,000
55Body JacSeptember 6, 20091053,350,000
66Element BarsSeptember 13, 20091064,200,000
77Grill CharmsSeptember 29, 20091074,750,000
88NotehallOctober 6, 20091085,150,000
99Chill SodaOctober 13, 20091095,240,000
1010The Bobble PlaceOctober 20, 20091115,920,000
1111Romp N’ RollJanuary 8, 20101123,940,000
1212The FactionistJanuary 15, 20101134,430,000
1313Lipstix RemixJanuary 29, 20101144,400,000
1414Send A BallFebruary 5, 20101104,650,000